skillet baked sweet potato eggs

Breakfast for lunch!

In the food processor:

– 4 large mushroom

– 1/4 an onion

– 1/2 head of garlic

– 6 slices of Jalapeño

Preheat about 1 tablespoon of ghee on a medium/high heat cast iron skillet. Add the mushroom mixture as well as two servings of shredded sweet potato (thinly shred) and stir. Once browned (about 15 mins), crack two eggs on top and put the whole pan in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 15 mins, or until eggs are to desired temp. I like my eggs medium like in this photo. Add salt and avocado. I also like this with a little sriracha on top! Inspired by Civilized Caveman’s sweet potato breakfast skillet.

photo by



  1. Kim | Peeled Wellness · September 15, 2015

    I love the shredded potato- perfect texture!
    Kim |


    • theserialbakist · September 15, 2015

      Awesome, happy to hear it! I’ll definitely give one of yours a try too, love your website! 🙂


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